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Her name is Lady Selenite by astra3000
Her name is Lady Selenite
...selenite is a stone too, isn't it? ^_^

Some AU story behind this... Queen Beryl managed to find Usagi before Luna, but didn't kill unawakened princess and instead brainwashed her, turning Usagi into a fifth general - Selenite (probably as a revenge to deceased Moon queen). Later Beryl finds Mamoru and turns him into Dark Endymion, but guess what - true love can't be washed off so easily ^_^ (and when Beryl find that out, she will be very, very angry)))
Meantime Luna with other four senshi is searching for their princess, not knowing that she is one of their enemies now... Well, all would be fine in the end :)

UPD. A kind deviant Legal-Assassin-006 brought me link on a similar story - The Dark Side of The Moon :) sadly, it's unfinished for a long time, but it's a good story and you can still have a nice time reading ^_^

(Though converting Serenity there reminded me of Black Lady, and felt little OOC for me, but I probably couldn't manage better... I myself was thinking about honest brainwashing and the same happy-go-lucky clutz Usagi, just on a wrong side, and oh what a pain in the butt she was to seriously working generals... can't write at all, meh ^_^; )


Operating System: WinXp SP2
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Favourite cartoon character: Utena. Vash the Stampede. Bunch of a bishies. And I'm a Kiryuu Touga fangirl. Beware ^^
All slots taken, check here from time to time for status updates :)

1. ~Kuroshi-tenshi - an OC - done.

2. ~Mhvost  - Gui from 1/2 prince, in grayscale - done.

3. ~Utena-Lina - 2 OC's - done.

4. ~Newberry7413 - Akiyama Mio - done.

5.  *puff222001 - 3 OCs - colored sketch

I decided to try and take some requests, just to see if I can draw for other people - now when Paypal is finally made money transactions available not only from-, but to Russia too, I'm harboring some thoughts about taking Paypal commissions to save money for some Utena merchandise :) Not that I really believe that my commissions would sell at all, but hey, I can make a try ^_^

So if my drawing skills are good enough for you, you can make a request now, 5 slots total.

Here's the rules:
- One request per one person.
- No complex backgrounds. Can't do ~_~'
- No mature-rated requests, please.
- 3 characters maximum on the picture (and if there are more than one, it will probably take significantly longer).
- If you want me to draw an OC or a character whose picture can't be googled fast enough, please provide a reference/description.
- I'm not good at drawing mechanisms, animals and muscular people, but I will try, just don't expect much from it :)

Warning! My drawing pace is usually slow and irregular, so if you need a picture to be ready for some certain date (as birthday gift or something), please don't make that request, I'll probably won't be able to finish it in time, sorry -_-

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